Giorgio Armani Frames of Your Life

To put a new spin on their advertising, fashion powerhouse Giorgio Armani decided to unleash famous bloggers and trendsetters—including Micol Sabbadini, Tommy Ton and Yvan Rodic—along the most stylish streets in the world for their new Frames of Your Life campaign.

The bloggers were tasked with traveling to the four corners of the globe and photographing everyday people who transformed into interpreters of Giorgio Armani’s impeccable style. The streetwalkers-turned-art subjects posed naturally in their own environment wearing the brand’s timeless eyewear by Safilo Group for photos that would later become the focus of Giorgio Armani’s 2012 campaign.

The final product features a collage of black and white portraits in a grid formation that offers a glimpse into how Giorgio Armani’s eyewear translates into everyday personal style. Overall, Frames of Your Life was able to redefine the relationship between a fashion icon and the public by encouraging people to participate in an innovative and compelling project.

Giorgio Armani "Frames of Your Life" Campaign

The Frames of Your Life collection gave people a variety of styles to rock for their mini shoot including retro, metal rounds, tortoise geek chic squares and more with subtle detailing like keyhole and double bridges. Check them out below:

Giorgio Armani (GA924, GA899, GA893, GA926) by Safilo