A Glimpse at the Fall 2014 Eyewear Trends

It may seem super far off, but the fall season is upon us guys ‘n’ gals! Shockingly enough, before we know it, we’ll be prepping for chillier times ahead. However, amid sadly bidding farewell to sizzling hot temperatures, non-stop sunshine and festive outdoor shindigs, there’s good news in sight for all you eyewear lovahs. With the seasonal shift, you can say hello to fabulously fresh fashions, not to mention a spankin’ new set of specs and sunnies that’ll leave you swooning in all their glory! So take a looksie at the oh-so-chic trends, as well as the sought-after glasses and shades for fall 2014 below, and hit up Eyecessorize.com for even more deets and frame suggestions.

Enigmatic Perspective

Fall’s dark and mysterious color palette is in full swing when it comes to eyewear this season. Slick black, brooding gray and shimmering graphite give these cool-weather frames a versatile and wearable base, while angular lines and aerodynamic shapes lend an air of renewed intrigue. In contrast, winter white also makes its mark for a pristine, elegant finish. Intricate textures and patterns spice up this monochromatic trend with ease to give each and every frame that little something extra. Grid-like prints, marble motifs, latticework and poignant splashes of color transform these specs and sunnies into fashionable must-haves.

For men, it’s all about clean lines, flat tops and a refined color scheme. Masculine detailing like perforated materials, fluid stripes and metal etching keeps these frames modern and fresh.

For women, lace is one of the most sought-after appliques, but other intarsia-like patterns are on the rise, whether they’re animal inspired, abstract or mottled. Badass browlines and new-age bridges pack on the drama with sophisticated flair!

Tom Ford (Alana), Vera Wang (Nastya), Furla (VU4875), Cruz (Market St), SPY (Heir), ÖGA (7459)

Tom Ford (Alana), Vera Wang (Nastya), Furla (VU4875), Cruz (Market St), SPY (Heir), ÖGA (7459)

Modern Prep

Classic silhouettes from the ‘60s seamlessly fuse together with today’s polished and preppy touches for ultimate mod appeal. Balmy neutrals, pale pinks, piney greens and periwinkle blues set the backdrop for these simple, yet quaint, frames. Quintessential shapes range from rounded cat-eyes, to oval squares, to masculine rounds – soft curves and fluid architecture offer up impeccable profiles suited for almost any face shape. At first glance, these glasses and shades seem to be all about going back to the basics, but smooth colorations, patterns and detailing set them apart for a reenergized, panache look.

For men, the focus is on apparel-inspired prints – think flowing stripes and tried-and-true plaids. Standout patterns are subdued ever so slightly by a calming canvas of deep blues and stone grays.

For women, watercolor-inspired effects take center stage, creating ladylike allure. Flaunting eyewear featuring washed out, overexposed florals or sweeping brushstroke markings atop cosmetic nudes or sheer pastels is the perfect way for any lady to flawlessly frame her face.

Corinne McCormack (Jess), Maui Jim (Rainbow Falls), ICU Eyewear (7391), Smith Optics (Maddox), Lafont (OAKLAND), TOMS (Charlie Rae)

Corinne McCormack (Jess), Maui Jim (Rainbow Falls), ICU Eyewear (7391), Smith Optics (Maddox), Lafont (OAKLAND), TOMS (Charlie Rae)

Spirited Necessities

High-energy, sleek designs and a kaleidoscope of hues united on the fall runways for an all-out sporty-chic look. A plethora of shapes and sizes make their debut, especially in wayfarer, aviator and wraparound styles. In addition to streamlined profiles, flashy mirrored lenses steal the show in an array of colors – like ocean blue, limeade yellow and gradient gray – topping off these designer duds in complete athletic confidence. Overall, this trend intermingles two traditionally opposite sectors, high fashion and recreational, into one cohesive classification to appease eyewear lovers from both sides of the spectrum.

For men, lightweight materials assume precedence along with flexibility and durability, giving way to frames that are not only charming, but also practical. To boot, color blocking and shield-like bridge additions up the ante, adding a contemporary twist.

For women, big and bold colors, including peppy pinks and sunny tangerines, help drive the upbeat vision of these specs and sunnies home, while compelling cut-outs, straightforward patterns and easy-to-wear shapes provide feminine finesse.

Helium Paris (HE-4242), Michael Stars (Enlight), Eco Biobased (Memuru), Prada Linea Rossa (PS 02FV), VonZipper (Booker), Cazal (633)

Helium Paris (HE-4242), Michael Stars (Enlight), Eco Biobased (Memuru), Prada Linea Rossa (PS 02FV), VonZipper (Booker), Cazal (633)

Throwback Renaissance

A rich tapestry of burnt orange, fiery red and mosaic tortoise sets the tone for classic frames making their grand entrance this season. Earthy roots remain at the forefront; however, updated, glossy finishes and refurbished silhouettes tap into a more à la mode culture. Honest rounds, old-school aviators and refined Clubmaster-inspired frames are dressed up with vibrant colorations, metallic fixtures and defined brow bars for a truly refreshed outlook on what is considered some of eyewear’s most established staples. Old souls searching for their spexy counterpart won’t be disappointed in this fall’s eclectic selection.

For men, double bridges become a focal point, showing off dapper charisma. Wood-like textures, mixed materials and leather detailing turn up the modern factor, forming a well-rounded blend of familiar and new.

For women, this romantic concoction of browns, reds and oranges is not only foolproof for the chillier times of the year, but it’s also complementary to most skin tones, cultivating a flattering effect.


Marc Jacobs (MJ557S), Cinzia Designs (CIN-5033), FEMIE (2BIS), Serengeti (Enzo), London Fog (Christian), Robert Graham (Skyhawks)