Hairstyle Tips for the Fabulously Framed

Putting on a pair of glasses is the ultimate way to showcase your personality and style to the world. As spexy ladies already know, donning a pair of frames instantly changes your look. The good news is that you’ve done the hardest part—you found a frame that’s a perfect fit. The next step is a cinch; just make a few quick adjustments to your hairstyle and your spec-tacular look will be complete.

Whether you’re fresh on the eyewear scene or a seasoned guru, these tips offer simple solutions to the most commonly faced issues when choosing the most flattering hairstyle for your glasses:

Large Frames
Large eyeglasses can easily take center stage if they’re not accompanied by the proper hairstyle. Your best bet is to pump up the volume, starting with your roots, and keep your hair long and layered. If your hair falls flat and straight, you run the risk of your eyeglasses overshadowing your beautiful face.

Small Frames
Petite facial features look best in smaller frames, but if your look lacks the right hairstyle, the result can be boring. While small frames can appear more demure, you can still show them off with hot new hair. Try sporting a short-cropped, wavy haircut that will open up your face. Steer clear from harsh, chin-length bobs which can make your face appear smaller.

Wide Frames
While wide frames can be statement makers, you want to make sure the overall statement you’re making is a good one. If your hair has too much volume on the sides then your face will appear wider. Instead, focus on making sure your ‘do does just the opposite and go for length by adding a little volume at the top followed by chunky, textured bangs and luscious, straight locks.