Harley-Davidson Eyewear: For the Sophisticated Rocker

The terms “rocker” and “sophisticated” don’t typically go hand-in-hand. But when it comes to the latest Harley-Davidson Eyewear, for both guys and gals, they most certainly do. By mixing classic silhouettes with hardcore accents and deepened colorations, these specs look seriously badass, while maintaining a sense of refinement.

Chicks will see understated cat-eye profiles brought to life with riveted metal detailing reminiscent of motorcycle studded hood designs. Meanwhile, the frames for the bros hone in on old-school rectangular and aviator shapes, topped off with metallic tones, cut-out effects and tortoise prints. Combined, each element simply adds to the bold, yet chic, vibe given off by these sweet glasses.

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From top to bottom: Harley-Davidson Eyewear (HD 511), Harley-Davidson Eyewear (HD 510), Harley-Davidson Eyewear (HD 471), Harley-Davidson Eyewear (HD 426), Harley-Davidson Eyewear (HD 470), Harley-Davidson Eyewear (HD 467), Harley-Davidson Eyewear (HD 469) and Harley-Davidson Eyewear (HD 466)