Head into National Sunglasses Day with Shades Perfect for Kiddos

Today is National Sunglasses Day! Everyone is encouraged to join the celebration – including kiddos. Ultraviolet (UV) eye protection is so important for kiddies, especially since little ones generally receive about three times the annual adult dose of UV exposure. However, 12.6 percent of American adults’ report using nothing for eye protection from the sun for their child(ren) and only 5 percent of American adults report their child(ren) “always” wear sunglasses according to a recent study by The Vision Council. Additionally, only 29.7 percent of American adults report their child(ren) has an annual eye exam and they chat with their eyecare provider about their UV exposure.

Not only do sunnies with UVA/UVB protective lenses guard developing eyes from the harsh sun, they also offer children the chance to mimic the cool styles they see on mom and dad or express their own style. With a slew of designs that boast unique colors, shapes and details, even the pickiest kids will find their favorite. They will fall in love with playful patterns and vibrant hues that are elevated by modern details including translucent effects, gradient lenses and sparkling embellishments. Plus, they can take their pick from whimsical heart and butterfly-inspired shapes or classic square, rounded and pilot-like silhouettes.

Take a peek at the on-trend shades we’ve gathered, below. If you’re looking for more, check out thevisioncouncil.org for information on UV eye protection and nationalsunglassesday.com for additional celebratory inspiration. And don’t forgot to post a #SunglassSelfie on #NationalSunglassesDay today with your kiddo!

Desert Sunglass (CH20828), INVU (K2402S), I Heart Eyewear (TOADY), ONE by Optic Nerve (Tag), Foster Grant (Charlie)

Banz (Wayfarer), ONE by Optic Nerve (Kitten), I Heart Eyewear (ARIEL), Desert Sunglass (CH21652), Foster Grant (Rikki)