Hit the Slopes in Hot Juicy Goggles

Too early to talk snow gear? We don’t think so, especially with Juicy Couture’s “Black Diamond” ski goggles hitting stores. Whether you’re a black diamond diva, sassy snowboarder or a bunny hill enthusiast, you’ll need these flashy goggles to fight glare from the sun and protect your peepers from snow showers (caused by the weather or those inevitable wipeouts). Plus, you want to show off that not only are you cute but you’re a downhill daredevil too.

Juicy Couture Black Diamond Goggle

Besides being stylish and fun, these goggles are durable and made from a unique urethane compound which allows the frame to conform to your face while maintaining its flexibility in extremely cold temperatures. Here’s what else they have to protect you from the elements:

  • A dual lens, created by two single lenses bonded together with sealed air space in between, creates a thermal barrier that keeps the inner air warm and dry.
  • A hydropholic Fog-X chemical treatment which creates a micro-etched surface on the inner lens to absorb moisture before it can form. (Because this treatment is actually burned into the lens it cannot be wiped away like other anti-fog coatings).
  • A spilt V nose, an innovation that provides a self-adjusting fit.
  • An extra wide woven strap is extremely durable ensuring a snug fit.

Maybe you’re more into beach weather and hibernate during the winter, but even so, we bet you can find someone on your Christmas list who would absolutely love to find a pair of these rockin’ snow goggles under the tree.