Hitting the Slopes in Shady Style

Eyecessorize spokesperson and style expert Lawrence Zarian, aka LZ, has been our awesome ongoing guest blogger! You may have spotted him dishing out fashion advice on hit TV shows like “Entertainment Tonight,” “Inside Edition” and “LIVE! with Kelly and Michael,” just to name a few! But sadly, this will be LZ’s final guest blog, so be sure to soak up his spirit as he bids us farewell with his last piece!

With snowstorms wreaking havoc and the so-called polar vortex chilling the country to its core, it’s safe to say winter won’t be leaving us alone anytime soon. But we might as well make the best of the frosty weather while it lasts—after all, before we know it, we’ll be dealing with the dreaded scorching hot summer temps. Taking a trip to the slopes will definitely help pull you out of a wintertime slump. But before you cruise down the mountains—whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, tubing or sledding—make sure you have the proper gear in tow, including eyewear, of course. Those harsh UV rays that radiate off the stark white snow can do major damage to your eyes! Plus, who wants powdery cold stuff flying into their peepers? Not me, that’s for sure!

Sweet goggles with colorful shielded lenses and fun patterned straps are perfect options for your cold-weather adventures. Or, if you prefer shades, opt for vibrant hues or wraparound silhouettes for style and protection. Pair your sunwear with an insulated and waterproof puffy jacket (men will dig blue, while women will love coral) and pants (black for dudes, and white for ladies), not to mention a toasty hat or headband—you’ll need all the warmth you can get out there, guys and gals! Check out my favorite frozen-friendly frames and outfits below for some frigid inspiration.

Optic Nerve (Boreas), Wiley X (Gravity), Bollé (Duchess), Smith Optics (Cheetah)

Optic Nerve (Boreas), Wiley X (Gravity), Bollé (Duchess), Smith Optics (Cheetah)