Hollywood Style, Made in Canada

If you’re a Hollywood A-lister and want the hottest frames available, where would you go to find them?

How about Montreal?

That’s where celebs like Katy Perry, Jay-Z, Rihanna and others find a guy named Corey Shapiro. The 28-year-old entrepreneur sources actual vintage frames (circa 1950s through the ’80s) from all over the world. These frames are pristine – unused and never worn. He finds them in ample supply (he won’t say how) from an era before manufacturers sold overstock to discount stores. Buyers can expect to pay Shapiro $500 on the low-end to $25,000 for gold-encrusted buffalo horn Dunhills.

Retro frames are one of the top eyewear trends for fall, a movement largely led by celebrity fashion sense and the popularity of retro TV shows like Mad Men. Shapiro’s clientele is elite, coming to him (or having one of their “people” go to him) for the best in vintage eyewear styles. Here’s the word from the Montreal Gazette:

He’s not open to the public, but Shapiro has just begun selling some products online… And he has partnerships with stores in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco that sell some of his stuff.

Shapiro believes it was the product itself – being unique, exclusive and expensive – that opened doors to the Hollywood A-list crowd, as opposed to one particular celebrity establishing his credibility.

“Celebrities have a guy who makes their cakes, a guy who makes their jewelery; we just became the glasses guy,” Shapiro said.