Hop Aboard Sunglass Hut’s Newest Store

To kick off the southern hemisphere’s start to summer (those lucky devils!) and show off the season’s hottest shades, Sunglass Hut decided to go nautical for the ultimate shopping experience. Starting today and continuing until Sunday, November 20, a Sunglass Hut pop up store will appear in various coves throughout Australia, including Campbell’s Cove; Darling Harbour; and Manly Wharf. Tonight’s opening is marked by a VIP, celebrity laden guest list and a live performance from a Grammy nominated international pop star.

During the rest of the stops, this floating store, affectionately named Neptune, opens its doors to the public. And believe us when we say it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before – on board you will find a sea of sunnies, DJ booth and transparent floors to capture the fascinating waters below. With a plethora of frames to choose, wind in your hair and a picturesque view, we suggest if you’re not already in Australia, you high-tail it over there to indulge in some serious retail therapy.

Floating Sunglass Hut in Australia