Indulge in Moschino Eyewear

Step up your style with new specs and sunnies from Moschino that offer a sporty and futuristic appeal. Edgy pilot-like, geometric, square and wraparound profiles deliver designs with a touch of glamour and luxury for guys and gals, alike. Dark hues uncover a modern look in classic blacks, sleek silvers, quintessential tortoises and more. Shades doused in detail reveal eye-catching metallic accents, embellished flat-tops, understated layered effects and flip-on shield options that boast the brand’s iconic logo. Meanwhile, specs go beyond the basics with studded jewel detailing and accentuated brow lines that pose a striking impression. Check ‘em out, below.

Moschino (MOS 049/S), Moschino (MOS 051/S), Moschino (MOS 052/S), Moschino (MOS 052), Moschino (MOS 054/S), Moschino (MOS 545), Moschino (MOS 048/S)