Get Industrial Strength & Comfort in Cat Specs

For all of you rugged, Mr. Fix-its out there in search of the ultimate eyewear to help you finish the job, look no further: Inspecs USA is here to save the day with new Caterpillar inspired specs. The Cat S Series is engineered with 21st Century technology at the forefront. With a wider fit, extra long temples and integral springs for comfort, you’ll find the durability and performance you’ve come to expect from Caterpillar machinery right here in your eyewear.

Whether you like your frames to be simple and minimalistic, or a little jazzed up, the Cat S Series has something for you. The S01-004 model features lightweight metal with a double bridge for a sleek, barely there look. On the other hand, S01-101 uses handcrafted acetate for a modern geek chic style. Either way, you’re going to be looking like a fashionable handy man that the ladies just won’t be able to resist.

For more information visit InspecsUSA.com.