Introducing eyebobs’ First-Ever Rx Eyewear Collection

eyebobs – known for their distinctive reading glasses – has launched their first-ever prescription (Rx) eyewear collection! Noticing that many of their customers were “hacking their bobs” – meaning, putting Rx lenses into their readers frames – the brand saw adding a separate Rx line to their arsenal as a no-brainer. Staying aligned with eyebobs’ tried-and-true quirky aesthetic, the Rx collection targets “irreverent and slightly jaded” men and women alike, with funky silhouettes, eye-catching colors and stunning striated patterns. Take a looksee at our faves below, and grab a pair for yourself – with your Rx lenses – via eyebobs.com.

eyebobs (Hexed), eyebobs (Patty Wagon), eyebobs (Frizz Bee), eyebobs (Peep Show), eyebobs (Mensch), eyebobs (Phone It In), eyebobs (Case Closed), eyebobs (Stew Zoo)