IZOD Frames for Classically Sporty Appeal

Offering flexibility, durability and comfort, the latest IZOD ProFlex specs are super thin and beyond lightweight, making them perfect for active guys everywhere! Sleek rectangular silhouettes pair perfectly with just about any masculine ensemble – dudes can rock these frames from work, to the gym, to an evening shindig without a hitch! With a mix of hues at the forefront – from neutrals like jet blacks, navies and ambers, to silver and copper metallics, to light blues and bright reds – there’s something for everyone. To boot, cool color blocking and two-toned effects put the finishing touches on these must-have frames for men. Get even more deets here.


IZOD (IZ 2004), IZOD (IZ 2008), IZOD (IZ 2006), IZOD (IZ 2005), IZOD (IZ 2007), IZOD (IZ 2009)