Jenn Falik Shows Off Stylin’ Readers on ‘Coffee with America’

For those struggling to see fine print in magazines, books, menus and more, we’ve got an easy (and stylish!) solution for you. Readers – also known as reading glasses – are a ready-to-wear option for guys and gals, alike. Offered with lens powers or magnifications from +1.00 to +4.00 – not to mention bright colors, fun patterns and classy silhouettes – reading glasses help magnify text to relieve strain on the eyes. Wondering what pair is the right fashion match for you? Style guru Jenn Falik is appearing on “Coffee with America” with a few of her current fave readers to guide you in the right direction. Jenn gives tips on finding the right frame for your face shape and recommends visiting your local eyecare provider to ensure you’re getting the right eyewear for your individual eyecare needs. Check out the frames Jenn brought along with her, below.

Ann Taylor Readers (ATR030), Ann Taylor Readers (ATR040), Colors in Optics (CX119), Colors in Optics (CX129), Desert Sunglass (RG20317), Desert Sunglass (RG20442), eyebobs (Case Closed) with Sun Clip, eyebobs (Fizz Ed), eyeOs (Duke), eyeOs (Sherlock), Peepers by PeeperSpecs (Quarry), Peeper by PeeperSpecs (Standing Ovation), Readers.com (The Easterday Sun Reader), Readers.com (The Royal Sun Reader), Scojo New York (Roxbury Street), Scojo New York (Surrey Lane)