July 4th Frames to Celebrate: Specs + Shades for Patriotic Party-Goers

Fourth of July is right around the corner, which means now is the perfect opportunity to pull out anything and everything red, white and blue (sunnies and specs, included!) so that you can be properly clad for the celebration. From barbecues, to parades, to fireworks and more, donning the good ol’ stars and stripes is the perfect way to show off your patriotic enthusiasm and look great doing it. Guys and gals alike can dive into vibrant holiday hues in classic and statement silhouettes. Floral and marble patterns play up temples, while two-toned effects are everywhere. Flash and tinted lenses complete off perfectly festive shades, while matte and glossy finishes make these glasses eye-catching additions to any ensemble. Check out some of our top picks for the USA merriment, below.

Champion (CU605803), Corinne McCormack (Cindy Berry), Desert Sunglass (LA19126), Jet Readers (LGA), Kate Young for Tura (Artemisia), URock (Extreme), ZEAL Optics (Isabelle), Prada Linea Rossa (PS04HV), Maxima (MX2293)