kensie Keeps it Fashion Fresh

As a young woman, it’s exhilarating to experiment with bold new looks. Perhaps one evening, before grabbing cocktails with some pals for happy hour, you feel the urge to dress like a sultry vixen. Or maybe you’re heading to Sunday brunch with the boyfriend, and feel like looking feminine and flirty. Luckily, kensie’s latest eyewear collection includes a wide range of fabulous specs fit for even the most fashion-fluctuating gals and their diverse wardrobes.

Keeping its eyewear in tune with such ladies, as well as the constantly shifting fashion realm, the kensie design team created specs that easily transition from woman to woman, outfit to outfit and season to season. Crafted with acetate and metal—in trendy colors like peach, periwinkle, emerald and aqua, and in several soft and edgy patterns—the frames pair well with just about any look.

Feel free to adjust your fashion personality as many times as you want—just be sure to flaunt the perfect pair of matching kensie frames to top off any look, for any occasion, at any time!

From top to bottom: kensie (unexpected), kensie (stellar), kensie (modern), kensie (metallic), kensie (dramatic), kensie (faded), kensie (inspire), kensie (contrast), kensie (journey) and kensie (glam)