Kickback in Youthful CHARMANT Titanium Perfection Specs

You’ll love the new effortlessly fashionable CHARMANT Titanium Perfection specs for guys and gals, alike. These glasses flaunt maximum style and comfort with subtle contemporary flair and are perfect for a no-fuss look. Rectangle silhouettes and semi-rimless styles present clean lines for gents, as cut-outs give a dashing look that won’t disappoint in classic browns, blacks and grays. Meanwhile, square and butterfly shapes offer a feminine glow for ladies. Thin temples feature subtle etchings, as colorations including browns, reds and pinks are ultra-sophisticated additions. Check ‘em out, below.

Charmant Titanium (11460), Charmant Titanium (11461), Charmant Titanium (12158), Charmant Titanium (12159)