Kiddies Specs ‘n’ Shades Fit for School Daze

Since when did summer come to an end? It seems like the hot season and all of its splendor—from the festive outdoor gatherings, to the beloved beach vacations, to the non-stop fun in the sun—flashed before our eyes in an instant! We hate to say it, but the inevitable school days are upon us, folks! Parents, whether you’re ready or not, it’s time to transition your kiddos into education mode. What better way to start than by doing some back-to-school shopping for not only supplies and clothes, but also specs and sunnies? We’ve handpicked lotsa fall styles, for all kinds of boys and girls, to keep them lookin’ spec-tacular while they hit the books! Check ‘em all out below.


Studious Sprout

If you constantly find your little guy jumping for joy before hopping on the school bus or with his nose in a good book, then we’d say you’ve potentially got a future Einstein on your hands! Deck out your mini intellectual with specs to help him further his scholarly pursuits. Opt for brilliant round, square and wayfarer styles—with keyhole bridges, color blocking, modest temple detailing and tortoise washes—for your special smarty-pants!

Ogi Kids (OK301), OiO (OT08), Modz Kids (Giddy Up), GUESS (GU 9104)

Strappin’ Young Jock

He’s already proven to be a talented budding athlete; he races outside every chance he gets to romp around with the neighborhood kids; and when he’s not playing in the fresh air, he’s glued to the TV watching whatever game is on. It’s official: Your son was born to be a jock! Fuel his obsession for all things sports by getting him some navy wraparound or zigzag-printed shield sunnies, not to mention glossy green or muted blue rectangular specs with adrenaline-inducing appeal!

Under Armour (NITROL), TMX (Comply), Sight for Students (SFS4005), Foster Grant (Sandbox)

Swanky Lil Chap

Does your darling dude already show signs of having a passion for fashion? If he gladly rocks the adorable outfits you put together for him and digs hitting the mall, then he’s definitely on the right track to becoming a studly style expert! The sky is the limit when it comes to the frames your lil hipster can pull off! Play around with translucent, multi-colored and two-toned washes, trendy Clubmaster-inspired and wayfarer silhouettes, and unexpected materials like denim!

Shrek Eyewear (SF Artie), Icon Eyewear (40244-134402-000), Lucky (Dynamo), Diesel (DL0071)


Geek Chic Chick

Your dainty lady may be too smart for her own knickers at such a young age—after all, she spends most of her time perfecting her homework assignments and filling her brain with all kinds of useful information! Help her study in style with some spankin’ new specs! Clubmaster-inspired, round and sleek rectangular profiles scream studious spirit! Meanwhile, pops of magenta, purple and pink are sure to add femme flair to your wise one’s peepers!

EasyTwist (ET945), Op Kids (830), Eco Kids (514), Float Kids (KP-233)

Sports-Lovin’ Lassie

So-called ladylike activities, like ballet and cheerleading, just aren’t her thing! She’d much rather be gettin’ down and dirty with the boys, participating in whatever rough ‘n’ tough game they’re playing! Let’s face it, your daughter is a tomboy at heart! She’s sure to prove her girl power on the court or field in any of these athletically inclined frames—think sports-inspired glasses in dark purple, navy, orange and aqua with minimal detailing, or clip-on frames that’ll take her from inside to outside, or vice versa, in the blink of an eye!

Wildflower Girls (Harper), LACOSTE (L3601), Zoo York (20197-055601-000), Columbia (Reese Creek)

Trend-Setting Diva

She’s constantly got her nose stuck in the coolest fashion magazines; she’s slowly becoming a major shopaholic; and she spends hours on end piecing together the perfect outfits that’ll make her friends swoon in envy! Hang on to your hats because your lil’ lassie is the ultimate trend setter! Since she’s got a keen eye for style, impress her with the chicest eyewear around. Trust us, she’s sure to ogle over quintessential cat-eye and aviator silhouettes, two-toned finishes, color blocking, vibrant colors and crystal effects galore!

Gucci (GG 5006cs), Dollhouse (30037-174802-000), db4k (Popsicle), Lafont (MIA)