Kiddos Hit the Books in Spec-tacular Style

The summer months seem to have come and gone in a blink of an eye! While you, and your kids, might be dreading the back to school routine, we have something that might cheer everyone up — new children’s specs and shades! Here’s a rundown on the hottest fall eyewear so your kiddos can go back to the books with confident style:

The girls will be all over fun pinks and purples, two-tones and translucent hues. Boys, on the other hand, will look handsome in charming neutrals, blues and greens.

Soft, feminine shapes and chunky, geek chic frames will be your daughter’s new best friend and the perfect accent to her new outfits. Meanwhile, retro, traditional and sporty silhouettes will have your little dude grinning from ear-to-ear.

Details can make or break it when it comes to pleasing your brood. You can’t go wrong with wild animal prints, enchanting patterns and daring cut-outs when it comes to the girls. For the fellas, boyish prints, dapper keyhole bridges and abstract patterns are a safe and fashionable choice.