Kliik and Fysh UK Will Exceed Your Ex-spec-tations

We know there are plenty of options for all of you fashionably framed folks out there, and the specs offered by Wescan Optical are no exception. Whether you’re looking for specs to go with a certain outfit or you are due for a new pair, we’re confident that you’ll find eyewear bliss in Kliik or Fysh UK frames. Take a peek at the goodies below:

If you’re anticipating the lovely colors of fall, then the seven new Fysh UK options are for you. From deep teals and purples to vibrant reds and earthy greens, this collection has everything you could ask for. Retro and semi-rimless styles take center stage while abstract temple detailing adds genuine character.

Fysh UK by Wescan Optical


Inspired by the textile industry, Kliik’s latest frame makes a clean yet bold statement. The retro, rectangular shape is adorned with flowing eyelet lace patterns along the temples for a truly feminine vibe. Translucent two-tones add a modern touch that’s sure to complement everything else in your wardrobe.

Kliik by Wescan Optical