LACOSTE Sunwear: An Ode to International Sports

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is in full swing, and you know what that means! Sports fans across the globe are cheering on their fave teams as they take on their competitors in the one-and-only Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. With its renowned athletic heritage, it’s no surprise that LACOSTE has crafted a special collection of shades, fittingly named “Rio,” in honor of the city acting as a soccer haven for the next couple of weeks.

The iconic brand scores big with this classic wayfarer-inspired silhouette, boasting a color palette reflective of Brazil and its profound high-energy enthusiasm—think vibrant blue, green, yellow, black and white! To boot, equally bright flash lenses and zigzag-patterned inner temples serve as an ode to the country’s iconic flag. Such a design truly conveys the festivity, unity and team spirit that characterizes the sporting world and wins in the style stakes, as well!

LACOSTE (L711S) in various colorations from its Rio collection

LACOSTE (L711S) in various colorations from its Rio collection