Let Your Little One’s Style Shine in kensie girl Specs

Treat your kiddo and their peepers to sophisticated specs from kensie girl. Square and rounded silhouettes boast modern details that are elevated by high-energy colorations for a chic and carefree vibe. Semi-translucent effects, captivating patterns and keyhole bridges pack a punch of personality that stand out in any crowd. Decorated down to the last detail, these frames boast playful temples with geometric rivets, color-blocking and glitter accents. Lush hues including soft tangerines, delicate pinks, reimagined tortoises and dreamy lilacs will leave your little one speechless. Check ‘em out, below.

kensie girl (Brunch), kensie girl (Dance), kensie girl (Flare), kensie girl (Splatter), kensie girl (Fly)