Shady Fun on LIVE! with Kelly

Who’s ready to get shady for summer? To help all of you at home find the ultimate pair of sunglasses this season, Corinne McCormack, spokesperson for The Vision Council, appeared on LIVE! with Kelly on Tuesday, May 1 to share helpful tips and give you a closer look at the hottest sunwear trends for summer . If you missed the episode, don’t worry, we have a recap on major topics like ultraviolet (UV) protection, current trends and face fitting tips.

It’s important to remember that protecting your eyes from dangerous UV rays should be a top priority all year-round, not just during the summer. So, in addition to wearing sunscreen, make sure to wear sunglasses that protect against UVA and UBV rays.

Luckily, there are plenty of great styles to choose from this summer that are sure to fit your face shape and protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays. Take a look at the different trends below:

Wearing eye-popping colors is the way to make a statement this season. Bright hues in pinks, reds, blues and yellows will have heads turning.

Drama to the max, cat-eyes always add a touch of flair to any outfit and bring out every lady’s feminine side.

Two-toned and ombre effects are sure to spruce up your warm weather wardrobe with their subtle shift in color.

Adding a sleek pair of shields to your everyday get-up will keep your style energetic with a futuristic edge.

Comfort and fit take top priority whether you’re hiking, running or hitting the bike trails. These sporty frames will stay in place and keep your eyes protected no matter what.

Mirrored and colored lenses give off a fresh vibe for a pumped up look that will transform your look instantly.

Check out the fun frames Kelly Ripa and guest host, Pat Kiernan, tried on during the host chat. Bright cat-eyes complemented Kelly’s face, while retro brow line frames suited Pat just right.

Fitting your face shape with the perfect shades is actually easier than you think. The key is to make sure the frame shape you choose contrasts with your face shape to create balanced proportions. Find out more specific tips for your face shape here.