Lust After Karl Lagerfeld’s Winter Eyewear

We depend on fabulous fall and winter collections to get us through the cold, dreary months. That’s why we’ve turned to Karl Lagerfeld’s latest eyewear collection to boost our spirits in the lull before the holidays. And, just like we expected, his magical concoction of specs and shades put a smile on our face and warmed our eyewear obsessed hearts.

This season, Karl Lagerfeld’s collection took a more assertive route for both men and women. Styles for the ladies get retro-spec-tive, with vintage shapes and dark hues that gradually brighten up to lighter shades which help brighten your complexion. The dudes’ choices are also retro in nature, with sleek modifications as seen in the updated navigator. Industrial interlocking hinges add strong details for a more robust look. These frames will definitely get you through any of your winter blues!

Karl Lagerfeld