May Is Healthy Vision Month- And Style Expert + Vision Council Ambassador Jenn Falik Knows Just The Way To Celebrate

Hey, eyewear lavahs! Lifestyle expert, style guru and ambassador to The Vision Council, Jenn Falik, is here to tell us all the healthy (and fashionable) eyewear solutions out there to protect our peepers during Healthy Vision Month, and beyond! Check out her post, below, and make sure to take a peek at her Instagram for more fashion and lifestyle tips, tricks and trends!


When a cause is given a month- you know it is an important one. Sure, we joke that there is a day for everything lately- from National Ice Cream Day to- I kid you not, National Candied Orange Peel Day (it’s May 4, in case you are wondering). But in many cases, more than just 24 hours is warranted- and Healthy Vision is one of them, and perhaps now more than ever.

May also kicks off with “Screen-Free Week”- designed to encourage families, schools and communities to take a break from digital entertainment. It lasts through May 7- and is a fantastic way to kick off the month-long celebration of Healthy Vision. But let’s be real here- for most of us, we will be back to our old habits well before the week’s end.

And it is for that reason that Healthy Vision Month is necessary. It dedicates 31 days to reminding everyone to get their eye health game in check! So put down those digital devices at least long enough to call your local eyecare provider and make sure you aren’t overdue for an annual eye exam- and if you are- go in and GET ONE!

In addition to getting that checkup on the books, this is a great time to pay attention to how your eyes are feeling overall. Considering that more than 87% of adults stare at a screen for more than 2 hours a day, chances are, most have experienced the signs of digital eye strain, aka the physical eye discomfort after prolonged screen use. Symptoms include: red, fatigued, irritated or dry eyes; blurred vision; headaches; and neck and shoulder pain. Digital eye strain doesn’t just affect adults; 76.5 percent report their children get more than 2 hours of screen time per day and 55.6 percent report their children experience symptoms of digital eye strain, not to mention reduced attention span, poor behavior and irritability. Most probably think feeling this way is part of life- but it shouldn’t be, and it definitely doesn’t have to be.

Celebrate Healthy Vision Month with a fun new accessory- a pair of cool frames complete with lenses offering up blue light-filtering and anti-reflective properties to reduce the symptoms of digital eye strain.  To boot, these lenses can be put into the fashionable frames of your choice- SCORE! And if eyewear isn’t right for you, there are even contact lenses on the market to help combat digital eye strain. For more details on these lens solutions, and some fashionable frames to elevate your (and your kiddo’s) wardrobe, check out the spring and summer trends.

So, head into summer with a new outlook- literally. It is a perfect time to switch up your look for the season- my picks right now include oversized frames in neutral finishes, or modern takes on the classic cat-eye shape. And when you can validate the purchase of a statement accessory in the name of healthy vision, it is a win-win all around, right? (Wink, wink!)

Just don’t forget to visit your local eyecare provider annually for an eye exam to not only have your (and your children’s) eyes checked, but to also discuss your digital habits and what solutions are available to relieve the symptoms of digital eye strain. In the meantime, I encourage you to visit thevisioncouncil.org/des for more information.