Editorial Inspiration

Specs and sunnies are all the rage among the most talented designers, coolest A-listers and influential trend-setters. So it’s no wonder consumers are just as obsessed with adorning their peepers with fashion’s ultimate must-have accessory. Fuel your readers’ and viewers’ passion for eyewear by giving them the hottest frame options and tips of the season. Check out the story suggestions below for creative inspiration, or download this PDF to have them handy at all times!

Different Shapes for Different Folks

Not all frame silhouettes are equal – different profiles work with different face shapes. With a little guidance and a few helpful tricks, you’ll find a flattering pair in no time.

The Truth About Blue Light

All that screen time can do a number on the eyes. Be aware of the harmful side effects of blue light – the type of light emitted from digital screens – on the eyes, and how to combat it with specialized lenses that can be incorporated into any pair of fashion-forward frames.

Seeing the Fine Print

If you struggle to see the text splayed across books, newspapers, magazines and more, it’s time to add on-trend reading glasses (or sun readers if you dig the outdoors) to your eyewear arsenal – they’ll keep you stylin’, while keeping the straining at bay.

Say Yes to UV Protection

Leaving the house without a pair of sunglasses is a big no, no. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but they’re also must-have fashion accessories that’ll jazz up any look.

Celebrate National Sunglasses Day

Help spread the message of UV protection by participating in National Sunglasses Day on June 27th – just post a photo of yourself in your fave sunglasses using #SunglassSelfie and #NationalSunglassesDay.

Got an Eyewear Wardrobe?

You can never have too many pairs of shoes – well, the same goes for eyewear! Start a collection of frames to ensure you always have the perfect pair for any outfit and occasion.

The Importance of an Annual Eye Exam

Having an annual eye exam is key to maintaining good eye health. Make an appointment with an eyecare provider, and while you’re there, get your hands on fresh frames to add to your collection.

Taking Note from Pantone

The Pantone Color Institute has spoken, releasing its official color palette for the season that’s bursting with hues that’ll translate perfectly to eyewear.

Eyewear for a Cause

Show your support for a fundraiser of your choice – and look spec-tacular while you’re at it – by purchasing frames with proceeds being directed to a cause.

Walking the Runway

Catwalks are the ideal places to garner style inspiration. Take a peek at what frames graced the runways during fashion week, and incorporate similar pieces into your eyewear wardrobe.

Unisex is a Yes!

As gender barriers become more blurred when it comes to fashion, eyewear follows suit, with unisex frames taking center stage. Who says gals and guys can’t rock the same specs and sunnies?

Show You Care with Eyewear

Eyewear is the ideal present to show your appreciation for your loved ones – after all, each time they slip on their new specs or sunnies, they’ll think of you (and see clearer, of course!).


Eyewear should complement, not clash, with your existing wardrobe. Whether you call yourself classic, trendy, sporty or anything in between, ensure your frames follow suit.

Clear is the New Cool

Take the idea of “seeing clearly” to a whole new level by flaunting lucite-inspired frames. Who knew colorless, totally translucent styles would be all the rage this season?

Blast from the Past

Remember John Lennon’s studious round specs or Audrey Hepburn’s sought-after cat-eye sunnies? These styles – and many more – worn by Hollywood’s most renowned icons are making a comeback this season.

Hello Hybrid

Spring welcomes atypical silhouettes to the eyewear realm – say hello to hybrid styles, like squared-off aviators, round cat-eyes and geometric squares – that combine two profiles into one.

Face Swap

Self-conscious of a certain aspect of your face? Not to worry. Different frames can be used to guise or offset unfavorable features, making your face look shorter, longer, slimmer – the list goes on.

Get the Look

Obsessed with glasses or shades worn by your fave A-lister? Don’t be afraid to play copycat and snag lookalike frames to make yourself star-worthy.  

Playing Dress Up

Use your next formal occasion as an excuse to scoop up fresh eyewear that’s equally as glam as that tuxe or gown of yours.

Spexy Standouts

Don’t let your outfit out-do your eyewear. Opt for statement frames with head-turning elements that’ll serve as the focal point to your look.