Editorial Inspiration

Specs and sunnies are all the rage among the most talented designers, coolest A-listers and influential trend-setters. So it’s no wonder consumers are just as obsessed with adorning their peepers with fashion’s ultimate must-have accessory. Fuel your readers’ and viewers’ passion for eyewear by giving them the hottest frame options and tips of the season. Check out the story suggestions below for creative inspiration, or download this PDF to have them handy at all times!

Flawlessly Frame Your Face

Finding the right frames for your face can be as hard as finding the perfect pair of jeans, but with a little guidance and a few helpful tricks, you’ll find a flattering silhouette in no time.

Readers to the Rescue

If you’re a chronic squinter, it’s time to re-think your eyewear. Grab a pair of trendy reading glasses (or sun readers if you dig the outdoors) to keep you stylin’ and the straining at bay.

The Lowdown on Digital Eye Strain

Screens are a huge part of life, but can do a number on the eyes. Be aware of the dangers of digital eye strain and have specialized computer lenses to combat its effects put in your fave frames.

Got UV Protection?

Popping on a pair of sunnies may be the easiest (and healthiest) thing you do on your way out the door. They’ll not only jazz up a look, but also protect your peepers from sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

Start a Collection of Frames for All Occasions

Don’t get caught in a fashion faux pas! Bolster your eyewear wardrobe with multiple pairs to ensure you always have the perfect pair for any outfit and every situation.

The Truth About Eye Exams

Is scheduling your annual eye exam on your to-do list? Make an appointment with an eyecare provider, and while you’re there, scoop up some fashionable frames to add to your eyewear arsenal.

Hot Off the Runway

Obsessed with the beyond-trendy eyewear spotted on the runways? Become catwalk-worthy by incorporating lookalike statement styles into your wardrobe.

It’s All in the Details

Gems, studs, prints and beyond – whatever embellishments tickle your fancy, this season’s specs and sunnies are overflowing with details that take frames from ordinary to extraordinary.

Cool as a Copy Cat

See your favorite star donning the coolest pair of eyewear? Now you can look just like your idol with these dupes for hot glasses and shades.

New Takes on Old Styles

The trends of yesteryear are making a comeback in a big way! Classic silhouettes with modern accents make for timeless eyewear that everyone needs.

Color is the New Black

Brightly-hued specs and sunnies are proving to be new wardrobe staples. Grab some colorful inspiration from this season’s Pantone palette to add a dash of vibrancy to your peepers.

Crossing Style Lines

Who says gals can’t rock the same specs and sunnies as guys? This season is all about stepping over gender barriers and incorporating unisex frames into your ensembles.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Stuck on the perfect gift to give that special someone? Opt for eyewear! Find a pair of frames that fits their personality – from trendy, to sporty, to classic, there’s a frame out there for everyone.

Back to Basics

Classic silhouettes in staple colors are always in style! Check out this season’s take on familiar shapes and hues that can be paired with anything for an instantly on-point look.

A Star-Studded Perspective

Celebrities are teaming up with brands for the most spec-tacular eyewear collaborations to date. Think you’re the biggest fan? Prove it by sporting your favorite star’s frames.

Naturally Trendy

Reconnect with nature without taking a step outside. Dive into the world of earthy elements by sporting eyewear with a nod to the natural.

Style Around Your Peepers

Make your frames the center of attention by learning how to style your outfit around your eyewear – not the other way around.