Editorial Inspiration

Specs and sunnies are all the rage among the most talented designers, coolest A-listers and influential trend-setters. So it’s no wonder consumers are just as obsessed with adorning their peepers with fashion’s ultimate must-have accessory. Fuel your readers’ and viewers’ passion for eyewear by giving them the hottest frame options and tips of the season. Check out the story suggestions below for creative inspiration.

The Lowdown on Digital Eye Strain

Digital screens have become a normal part of life, but that doesn’t mean you need to live with the discomfort that comes with staring at them. Almost any pair of fashionable frames can be outfitted with lenses designed to relieve the symptoms of digital eye strain so you can look and feel your best.

Say Hello to Reading with Ease + Style

Nothing is more flattering than struggling to see small print – not! You know what is? Poppin’ on a pair of readers (or sun readers) that complement your already fab wardrobe and keep straining at bay.

Framed to Perfection

Just like certain clothing can flatter different body types, frames can do the same for the face. Follow the cardinal rule of “opposites attract” when choosing which silhouette will look best on your unique face shape.

UV Protection: A Seasonal Affair

No matter the weather, temperature or time of year, it’s important to keep those peepers protected from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays during daylight hours. A stylin’ pair of sunnies will not only jazz up any ensemble, but they’re health necessities when it comes to outdoor fun.

More is More

You can never have enough pairs of specs, sunnies or readers. Start an eyewear wardrobe with multiple pairs to ensure you’re prepared for every occasion.

Eco-Chic Eyewear

Go green – we’re not talking color, but rather concept. Brands are making frames with the environment in mind, so it’s easier than ever to choose a pair of specs or sunnies that not only look great, but don’t harm our beloved planet.

For the Love of Color

One of the easiest ways to incorporate the season’s hottest hues into your wardrobe is by taking inspiration from the Pantone Color Institute’s Color of the Year. Infuse frames with this go-to color for a sure style hit.

Say Yes to Annual Eye Exams

Receiving a comprehensive annual eye exam is an important part of maintaining your overall health. Schedule an appointment with your local eyecare provider, and while you’re there, pick out a new pair of frames to update your collection.

Eyewear: The Gift that Keeps Giving

Holiday and birthday presents can be hard to pick, but gifting a pair of specs, sunnies or readers is always a good (and health-conscious!) choice. Choose the perfect frame for your mom, dad, best friend and special someone – there’s an option for everyone!

Reach for the Stars

Swooning over your favorite celeb’s eyewear? Don’t be afraid to try the trend yourself! Imitation is the finest form of flattery, after all.

Professionally Polished

Office environments call for refined style that just so happens to be trending this season. Pick from elegant silhouettes with modern details to effortlessly elevate your skilled look.

Enjoy a Peeper Perfect Vacay

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or escaping to the beach, vacations are the perfect opportunity to try out a new sunglass style. Don’t forget to pack a few pairs to complement all your getaway-worthy looks!

From Runway to Reality

Got your eye on the hottest eyewear gracing the runways? Incorporate statement styles into your eyewear wardrobe by adopting a hint of trendy panache.

What’s Old is New

Some things never go out of style, like classic silhouettes, quintessential details and staple colorations. Add a pair of timeless specs or sunnies to your rotation for a can’t-go-wrong look.

Delectable Details

Whether you prefer subtle or over-the-top, this year’s specs and sunnies are overflowing with embellishments that will catch your eye.

Gym-spiration Specs + Sunnies

If you’re a gym rat (or just enjoy the comfy clothes that come with workin’ out), there are an abundance of athletic-inspired glasses and sunglasses this season to complement your easygoing style.

Statement Specs

Bold silhouettes, out-of-the-box details and hues that pop will make your frames the center of your outfit and the center of attention.

He Wore, She Wore

Embrace the ever-popular androgynous styles this season by diving into unisex designs. Let gender barriers fall to the wayside and pop on whatever pair you choose.

If the Frames Fit

Nowadays there’s no reason to have an ill-fitting frame. Check out petite, extended and global fits to ensure your specs and sunnies feel as good as they look.

Lens Lovin’

Flash, tinted, gradient, and beyond – choose the perfect lens to complete your unique shady style.