Meet the First-Ever Nike Vision Goggles

Say hello to Nike Vision’s spankin’ new collection of goggles—the first-ever for the renowned sports brand! Specially crafted for athletes who prefer snow over anything else, these goggles combine comfort, functional performance and of course badass fashion.

Three sweet styles encompass the line: “The Command,” “The Khyber” and “The Fade,” each with its own set of gnarly perks. “The Command” boasts maximum peripheral vision, 100 percent UV protection and anti-fog lens treatments. “The Khyber” offers up a wide-open field of view and interchangeable lenses. Lastly, “The Fade” has microfiber fleece. All three feature durable water repellant mesh to enhance airflow and repel moisture, preventing fog for the best-possible visibility. Depending on the color and the style, some even have Transitions Adaptive Goggle Lenses—specifically created for the snow, these lenses darken and lighten in response to the sunlight and weather situation at any given time; they’re also color-optimized to enhance critical terrain details, increase depth perception and filter out glare. You can’t get much better than that, guys ‘n’ gals!

To boot, neon and metallic colors give these goggles a kickass boost. Orange, yellow, pink, blue, red, gold and silver hues, with pops of jet black, forest green and crisp white, run the gamut. Meanwhile, solid and camo-print straps—flaunting the iconic Nike swoosh logo—only add to the goggles’ rockin’ appeal. Wanna snag some for your own skiing and snowboarding adventures? Check ‘em out here, and take a looksie at our fave pairs below.

Nike Vision (The Command), Nike Vision (The Khyber), Nike Vision (The Fade) in varying colorations

Nike Vision (The Command), Nike Vision (The Khyber), Nike Vision (The Fade) in varying colorations