Mix ‘n Match Your Shades to Suit Your Mood

If you’re anything like the typical girl, it probably takes you a solid 45 minutes to pick out your outfit for the day (tack on another 45 if it’s a Friday night) and as you hopscotch your way around discarded camis and skirts on the floor, you realize you haven’t even thought about your accessories yet.

Luckily, Juicy Couture kept you ladies in mind for its “Create” sunwear, which features an innovative interchangeable temples concept. Reflecting both the playful and fashion-forward attributes of the brand, each pair of “Create” sunglasses comes complete with an extra pair of colorful temples which allows you to easily change the look of your shades as often as you change your outfit or mood.

Juicy Couture Create

Juicy Couture’s “Create” is a vintage-inspired oversized plastic shape featuring a keyhole bridge design. The two-looks-in-one sunglasses will be available in one solid color and will be sold with an additional pair of contrasting colored temples: black with pink temples, tortoise with coral temples, coral with aqua temples and blue with white temples.

Don’t forget to pack an extra pair of stems in your tote so you can switch up your fabulous style in a matter of seconds.