Musical Spirit Sparks Burberry Eyewear Collection

British tunes, summery zest and Burberry’s brightest runway looks—these are the ingredients for the brand’s latest “Spark” eyewear collection for guys and gals. Bursting with springtime specs and sunnies, featuring the perfect blend of chic shapes, alluring hues and classy patterns, the line screams eye-popping excitement!

But there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to these fab frames. To kick off the collection’s campaign, Burberry got three of their fave British bands—Broken Hands, Coastal Cities and The Night VI—to record exclusive singles in light of the eyewear release. (Feel free to download the tunes on iTunes, by the way!) So ‘twas only fitting for the glasses to, in turn, reflect the groups’ musical fervor—think shades and specs for the musically inclined!

Dudes will see aviators—which are conveniently foldable…who wouldn’t love that?—and wayfarers brought to life with metallic finishes, pigmented lenses, color blocking and the iconic Burberry plaid pattern! Meanwhile, a refreshing palette of emerald green, silver, chocolate brown, and navy and sky blue keeps these frames boldly masculine.

From top to bottom: Burberry Eyewear (BE3071), Burberry Eyewear (BE4148) and Burberry Eyewear (BE2143)

Likewise, lasses will get a taste of similar looks, with almost identical detailing revamped for femme appeal. In fact, those men’s aviators are perfect for the ladies as well, not to mention the rounded demure cat-eye sunglasses and eyeglasses. And with deep rose, gold, nude and darkened tortoise at the fashion forefront, these frames are certainly striking just the right stylish chord in our book!

Like what you see? Get your own pair of specs, sunnies or both at Burberry.com or at a Burberry store near you!

From top to bottom: Burberry Eyewear (BE3071), Burberry Eyewear (BE2142) and Burberry Eyewear (BE4146)