New Straight-Grain Series by OGI Eyewear

OGI Eyewear introduces the Straight-Grain Series, a truly unique addition to this fall’s upcoming trends. Fashionista meets tree-hugger seems to be the theme here with stylish, chic frames that have a grainy, wood finish. Inspired by the subtle layers of a Northwood’s conifer, each style gives the feeling of rustic craftsmanship while staying in-tune with the latest shapes in contemporary fashion.

The Straight-Grain Series beautifully juxtaposes soft sweeping curves and diligently placed metal inserts with an aggressively brushed matte finish. This inventive finishing technique allows no two models in the series to look identical—what better way to stand out as a trendsetter this season?


OGI Straight-Grain Series 8046

Ever wonder what the classic aviator would look like if it was whittled out of wood? Well, here is it in all its glory. The 8046, an adapted version of the classic aviator style merges the durability of acetate with the lightweight look and feel of deserted driftwood. Using a unique brushing technique and strategically placed rivets, the exclusive styling emphasizes elegance and confidence in its vintage origin.


OGI Straight-Grain Series 7139

Inspired by the vintage woody beach station wagons of the 1950’s, the latest addition to the Straight-Grain Series is the 7139. Soft curves, deep hues and the bold frame work well if you’re going for the nerdy, but sexy look.