New Year, New You

Making New Year’s resolutions is a die-hard tradition that just about everyone participates in. It’s a fresh start; a time when we can reevaluate our lives and make positive changes—you know, like eat less, go to the gym, save more money, get better grades, move up the corporate ladder, yada yada. All are great attainable goals, but they require hard work. How about this year you switch things up? In addition to all of your ambitious, life changing resolutions, we recommend revamping your style with a collection of fresh sunnies and specs. It’s easy, fun and you’ll see instant results.

Here are some things to bear in mind as you accessorize your peepers this year:

Be a trendsetter.
Don’t skip a beat when it comes to being on top of the fashion circuit. Ladies, look for cat-eyes, squovals (squared ovals) or geometric shapes in berry, tortoise or neutral tones with tough metal accents or bold browlines. Guys, look for round, shield, aviator or Clubmaster-inspired shapes in blue, two-tone or neutral colors with hot details like keyhole bridges, floating or wood effects.

Follow the face shape rules.
To look your best, make sure to contrast face shape with frame shape. If you have an angular face, go with rounded frames; and if you have a curvy face, choose angular frames. For more specifics, check out our previous post on finding the right frame for your face.

Know your colors.
Certain skin and hair colors look best when paired with complementary shades and specs. If you have cool skin tones, opt for silver, light pink, blue or taupe colors. On the other end of the spectrum, if you have warm skin tones, try gold, red, dark brown and beige colors.

Invest in multiple pairs.
One pair of shoes would never cut it, so why settle for just one pair of glasses or shades? As something you will most likely wear everyday—on the most prominent part of your body, your face!—it’s important to have multiple pairs to match your different outfits and different moods.