Nicole Miller Adds More Spexy

Keeping in tune with Nicole Miller’s signature themes, the newest springtime eyewear additions mesh perfectly with the rest of the specs from the collection, while adding a fresh spin. Featuring a bike plate and lock—accented with crystals and rivets—on the temples, the “Barrow” style perfectly exemplifies the designer’s ever-prevalent bike theme. The frame’s ladylike metallic purple coloration and soft butterfly silhouette provide a nice contrast to the bold biker detailing, giving way to hardcore femme flair.

Likewise, raised Celtic crosses—yet another Nicole Miller obsession—are aligned along the “Baxter” style’s temples, putting a modern twist on the ancient symbol. Adorned with a vintage tortoise pattern, these sleek, thick rectangular glasses perfectly combine the old with the new. So, whichever pair you choose, know you’re getting the best of both worlds!

Nicole Miller (Barrow) and Nicole Miller (Baxter)