‘One Frame One Tree’: How MODO Honors Earth Year-Round

It’s Earth Day, y’all! So it’s the perfect time to shed light on what our eyewear-lovin’ pals at MODO are doing to help better the fabulous planet we all call home. Since 2009, they’ve been giving back to the environment through their “One Frame One Tree” initiative. With the help of Trees for the Future— a nonprofit organization dedicated to planting trees in developing countries—MODO plants a tree in the Western Highlands of Cameroon for every pair of frames sold from their Eco brand. So far, MODO has planted nearly 800,000 trees through the program! How amazing is that?

As a result, MODO is not only helping to restore Cameroon’s deforested lands, but is also creating better conditions to grow food, which in turn provides a means for local people to generate income. Rural farmers are even taught sustainable land-use practices to improve soil conditions, yield better crops and protect the land from further erosion. Get an exclusive look at the process below!

A Snapshot of MODO's "One Frame One Tree" Initiative in Cameroon

A Snapshot of MODO’s “One Frame One Tree” Initiative in Cameroon

To boot, the latest Eco specs are seriously stylish and eco-friendly, of course. Crafted with 95 percent recycled materials, these glasses definitely live up to their namesake. Boasting a slew of eye-catching hues—like mint green, orange, purple, beige, brown and white—these matte-finished frames are sure to turn heads. Plus, they’re available in lots of silhouettes, from sleek rectangles and classic squares, to demure cat-eyes and rounds. So they’re perfect for all kinds of peeps! Be sure to check ‘em out below and snag a pair for yourself—after all, it’s good for the Earth!

Eco (Ebro), Eco (Lena), Eco (Memuru), Eco (Orinoco), Eco (Parana), Eco (Volga), Eco (Rhone)

Eco (Ebro), Eco (Lena), Eco (Memuru), Eco (Orinoco), Eco (Parana), Eco (Volga), Eco (Rhone)