Outfit Your Tot in New Specs from Zoobug

New styles are being added to the already-adored Flex Active collection by Zoobug, and the new frames won’t disappoint you or your kiddies. Staying with the collection’s commitment to making cute-as-can-be specs that are wearable and comfortable for even the most rambunctious kid, these frames are made with durable yet flexible rubber, and come with a detachable headband and ear clips to ensure the frames sit perfectly behind the ears (bonus!). Exciting bright hues rule in primary reds, blues and greens, sweet fuchsias and lilacs, plus understated blacks. The round and rectangular profiles even boast rubber hinges, which along with keeping the temples attached, add a cool ribbed detail. Kids who are always on the go can’t go wrong with these glasses! Check ‘em out, below.

Zoobug (ZB102278339), Zoobug (ZB102327341), Zoobug (ZB102404648)