Polaroid Rediscovers Classical Minimalism

Tried-and-true traditional silhouettes are revisited in the new Polaroid Plus collection and given an urban twist with sleek lines, chic hues and minimalist design. Classic aviators and wayfarers have been revamped with a mix of contemporary rounded, angular, teardrop and square profiles. And with an eye-catching, yet understated, solid and crystal palette—of tortoise, jet black, orange, purple, nude and gray, among others—these sunnies bring on the modestly cool factor!

Not to mention all of the sunglasses include UltraSight Plus lenses, which offer broad spectrum UV protection, reduce eye fatigue and eliminate glare without the use of glue, making them last longer and much safer! But that’s not all that sets these shades apart. Each pair bears the new Polaroid Plus logo, a simple metallic silver “P” that encompasses the entire brand: Polaroid, Plus and Polarized! It’s awesome looking and has meaning, so you can’t get much better than that! Want more deets on these shades? If you’ve already got a pair, just check the inner left temple for additional technical info. Or hit up the Polaroid Plus website!

Polaroid (PP0105S), Polaroid (PP0202S), Polaroid (PP0103S), Polaroid (PP0102S), Polaroid (PP0201S), Polaroid (PP0104S)