“Project Runway” Meets Eyewear

Striking models strut their stuff down a catwalk, rocking innovative fashions from up-and-coming designers each week on reality hit TV show “Project Runway.”  From dazzling dresses and gorgeous gowns, to chic jumpers and modernized pant suits—and everything in between—the hand-crafted clothing created on the show continues to push the limits of the fashion realm, and inspires those who tune in to awaken their inner style spirits.

Seeking to set the latest fashion eyewear trends, as it does on screen with clothing, the show will make its mark in the accessory industry in January 2013 with the release of its “Project Runway” Eyewear collection. Featuring sexy specs for ladies who wish to look sophisticated, yet edgy, without breaking the bank, the eyewear line is bursting with intricately designed, expensive-looking, but affordable, frames.

With soft rectangular and cat-eye shapes—in bold colors like tangerine, rose, turquoise and blue, as well as neutrals like black, silver and gold—these varying glasses are made for gals of different style personalities. But the shiny metal and translucent plastic materials, and the geometric cut-outs and lattice temple detailing, are what make each frame unique and fashion forward.  So as you kick off the New Year, make your world your very own catwalk while you sport “Project Runway” Eyewear!

Frame information from top to bottom: Project Runway (111Z), Project Runway (104M), Project Runway (106M), Project Runway (109M), Project Runway (107M), Project Runway (108M), Project Runway (110Z), Project Runway (103M), Project Runway (105M)

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