Pump Up Kids Specs Style in SKECHERS

As we kick off August, most of us can’t help but feel that summer is almost over. You know what that means: it’s time to start thinking about getting your mini-me’s ready for another year of school. Here to help your kiddo feel confident and prepared to hit the books are snazzy new SKECHERS specs by Viva International Group.

For the girls, the four new frames are all about being fun and trendy with flower, heart and butterfly detailing, classic rectangular and soft butterfly shapes and chic colors. The two new styles for the boys are perfect for their active lifestyle, featuring double injected rubber temple tips in sporty designs.

So whether you have a bookworm, jock-in-the-making or a princess on your hands, they’re sure to go crazy over Skechers’ new additions.

SKECHERS Eyewear (SK1029, SK1036, SK1505, SK1504, SK1503, SK1502) by Viva International Group