Randolph Sunnies Pay Homage to Legendary Pioneers

Inspired by iconic aviation and aeronautic pioneers Amelia Earhart and Samuel Archer King, the newest progressive aviator shades from Randolph Engineering are all about attitude and innovation!

The Amelia frame—fittingly named after the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic—flaunts a traditional teardrop silhouette, giving way to a careless and laid back air perfect for any elegant, yet casual, gal. Meanwhile, the Archer sunglass combines sleek metal styling with the DNA of Randolph’s classic military aviator to create a contemporary and cool masculine look. Drawing influence from the famous ballooning pioneer whose skillful aeronautics led the way in balloon voyaging, this style lives up to its namesake by offering a bold new look from the brand.

Both sunnies are adorned with jewelry-quality finishes—like 23-karat chocolate gold and rhodium (a.k.a. one of the rarest elements found in the Earth’s crust)—and debut Randolph’s lightest lenses ever. To boot, they follow the curvature of the face, providing more periphery protection than a classic aviator. It can’t get much better than that, y’all! Dig what you see? Get even more deets here.

Randolph Engineering (Archer) and Randolph Engineering (Amelia) in varying colorations

Randolph Engineering (Archer) and Randolph Engineering (Amelia) in varying colorations