Reach for the Sun in Silhouette Shades

The new sunnies from Silhouette are making a spectacular entrance! Dynamic combinations of fresh colorations reminiscent of springtime palettes and minimally chic profiles come together for beautiful shades perfect for every guy and gal. Gradient and tinted lenses steal the show in sea greens, earthy neutrals and sunset pinks. Meanwhile, frameless silhouettes boast extended wire cat-eye effects, as perfect rounds and modified aviators are effortless for everyday wear. Marvel at the new sunnies, below, then go grab a pair for yourself.

Silhouette (TMA Atwire 8163), Silhouette (Adventurer 8142), Silhouette (Infinity Collection 8696), Silhouette (Urban Sun 4075), Silhouette (Infinity Collection 8161), Silhouette (Infinity Collection 8695), Silhouette (TMA Icon 8158), Silhouette (Titan Breeze 8694)