S/S ’20 Pantone Fashion Color Report: Expressive Hues from the Catwalk

It might be fall in our world, but the fashion world in onto spring/summer 2020 and the Pantone Color Institute has released its official report on all colors featured in the New York and London Fashion Weeks. Friendly and vibrant shades reflect a desire for authenticity with unique twists that bring together playfulness, innovation and hope. Take a look at the hottest hues you’ll be seeing in the upcoming months, below.

New York: These seemingly familiar hues exude the perfect mix of calm, confident and can’t-miss for a truly jaw-dropping palette. Earthy red-brown Cinnamon Stick and bright red Flame Scarlet showcase a determined vibe, while Faded Denim, Classic Blue and Mosaic Blue display a comfortable and graceful appeal. Rich green Chive and stunning Grape Compote offer a mysterious and savory feel. Meanwhile, soft-yellow Sunlight and Coral Pink invite you in for an immediate mood booster. Orange Peel and refreshed yellow Saffron present a bountiful and brilliant addition to the range, while aqua Biscay Green adds a wave of coolness.

London: Flashy and mysterious shades deliver a stimulating and robust palette that’s anything but boring. Bright and startling Beetroot Purple and Fiery Red reveal a tempting look that’s impossible to ignore. Sultry red Bossa Nova and grounded Rose Brown showcase a down-to-earth vibe, while Classic Blue, Heritage Blue and Tanager Turquoise uncover a limitless appearance with endless possibilities. Meanwhile, soft and sweet pinks, Blossom and Blushing Beauty, elicit an aura of romance and warmth. Yellow Iris expresses pure positivity and quiet strength, while deep green Storm captivates with an edgy appeal.

Seasonal Essentials: Both fashion weeks produced the upcoming seasons go-to hues that serve as a structure to everyday fashion. Blanc de Blanc and Brilliant White present a smooth and clarifying base, while gray Oyster Mushroom and Ash offer a strong and timeless look. Meanwhile, understated tans, Cuban Sand and Lark, showcase a versatile and authentic vibe. Self-assured Navy Blazer and Blueberry showcase a thought-provoking and confident addition that are easily layered upon for perfect spring and summer looks.