Get Sassy in Cinzia Readers

Who doesn’t love delving into an enthralling novel?! Whether it be a steamy romance, an exhilarating thriller or a mind-boggling mystery, it’s easy to get lost in a good book…meaning it’s also hard to keep your peepers off the page, not to mention the itty-bitty font. So if you’re proudly part of the over 40 crowd, save yourself from squinting–which causes unwanted crow’s feet and wrinkles–and pick up a pair of stylish reading glasses! You’ll see more clearly, and look fabulous while doing so!

Cinzia Designs has crafted reading glasses and accessories for the sassiest of bookworms! With cat-eye- and wayfarer-inspired silhouettes in a neutral color palette—featuring tortoise, black, caramel and sandy washes—these specs are sure to infuse edge into any intellectual lady. Each pair even comes with a leather case with snakeskin embellishment. And Cinzia Designs also offers glitzy hard-shell cases fit for added fun!