Sassy Specs and Shades From Jil Sander

There’s not a dull frame in the Jil Sander Fall 2010 eyewear collection. This season includes rich materials and inventive colorations, paired with almond shaped frames and fluid serpent-like temples. The classic mirror logo is sleek and illuminated, reflecting brilliant colors set against modern textures. Vintage inspiration reinforces the superior design that makes the collection effortless and sculpted. No matter what style you’re into this season, the Jil Sander fall collection will leave you plenty of options in just about any color.


Embrace your feminine side in a pair of cat-eye inspired sunnies. The temples have a sheer sparkle that will boost your confidence and give your face that to-die-for healthy glow.

Jil Sander JS641

Jil Sander (JS641)


Or get smart ‘n sassy in a pair of granny smith green specs. These translucent frames will definitely get you noticed!

Jil Sander JS2641

Jil Sander (JS2641)