Satisfy Your Style Needs with ic! berlin Eyewear

Celebrate the last bit of summer with new eyewear from the Pure Summer Collection from ic! berlin. Flaunting a minimally chic vibe, these frames boast butterfly-inspired, rounded and modified square silhouettes that are ideal for any summertime occasion. Indulge in the seaside styles that offer semi-translucent effects, metallic accents and understated cut-outs. Add a fresh spin to any ensemble with luminous hues including crisp mints, subtle tans, soft pinks, bold burgundies, reimagined tortoises and more. Take a look, below.

ic! berlin (Moo S.), ic! berlin (Beate J.), ic! berlin (Homer H.), ic! berlin (Mr. Bice), ic! berlin (Susan W.), ic! berlin (Eric D.), ic! berlin (Felix L.)