Seraphin Gives Rise to Neoclassic Eyewear

For you eyewearistas that consider yourself on the fashion forefront there’s a new eyewear line that you’ll definitely want to set your peepers on. Ogi Eyewear is paving the way for a new eyewear segment that blends the beauty of the past and visions of the future for a look that is truly unique. The Seraphin line from Ogi boasts this Neoclassic collection that is re-defining eyewear style.

By taking the luxurious elements of high-end eyewear and combining it with timeless style influences and adding a modern interpretation, these frames will not go unnoticed. Each style in the collection reflects a celebrated trendsetter of a bygone era. The Virginia, a bold and vintage inspired cat-eye, is for the true romantic that is full of class and poise who wants to make a statement. For the dapper, there is the Zarthan that exudes power and confidence through its masculine shape and contemporary color combinations.

Take note of these inspiring styles and join the Neoclassic revolution:

Seraphin (Virginia and Zarthan) by Ogi Eyewear