Set Sail in FRED Specs + Sunnies

Sail away in new FRED Force 10 sunnies and specs. Inspired by the iconic Force 10 bracelet, these frames combine distinct ‘60s elements with a fresh maritime twist for a sophisticated look. Ultra-modern shades offer pilot-like, geometric, rounded and square silhouettes for guys and gals alike. Distinctly nautical details feature braided double bridges and wrapped frames as well as ornate metallic temples. Seafaring vibes are taken to a new level with lens tints in sea blues, soft pinks, cloudy grays and moss greens. Meanwhile, glasses present rectangle, butterfly and rounded shapes with rimless options for a minimalistic look. Clean lines let sleek silver and gold finishes shine for a retro and elegant look. Take a look, below.

FRED (FG40001), FRED (FG50001), FRED (FG40004), FRED (FG50003), FRED (FG40005), FRED (FG40007), FRED (FG50002), FRED (FG40003)