Shady Roundup: Prep for National Sunglasses Day 2019

National Sunglasses Day is almost here and we’re so excited to celebrate! This commemorative date is held annually on June 27, and it’s hands-down our favorite holiday because not only are sunnies the ultimate fashion accessory, but they provide protection our eyes need, which makes National Sunglasses Day the perfect time to remind everyone of the importance of wearing shades year-round.

Following prolonged ultraviolet (UV) exposure, American adults report they experience trouble seeing, sunburnt eyes or eyelids, irritated eyes, red or swollen eyes, wrinkles around the eyes and even cancer on or around the eyes. Plus, according to a recent survey by The Vision Council, 28.2 percent of American adults state their No. 1 concern about UV eye exposure is vision loss, yet 27 percent say they don’t typically wear sunglasses when outside. But with so many options, there’s no reason to not wear sunnies every time you step outside because no matter if it’s cold or hot, sunny or cloudy, summer or winter, the sun’s UV rays are always at play.

So, for the sake of protecting your eyes and adding extra flair to any ensemble, we gathered up this season’s hottest styles for guys and gals. Dive into daring oversized rounded, classic pilot-like, chic geometric and cool rectangle shapes that boast sophistication. Fast forward in futuristic frames that feature layered and translucent effects or rock a retro look in designs reminiscent of the past. Take any outfit to the next level with nature-inspired patterns and bold hues including burnt oranges, fiery reds, sleek teals and flashy blues.

Take a peek at the on-trend shades we’ve gathered, below. If you’re looking for more, check out thevisioncouncil.org for information on UV eye protection and nationalsunglassesday.com for additional celebratory inspiration. And don’t forgot to post a #SunglassSelfie on #NationalSunglassesDay this June 27!

ICU Eyewear (8918), KENZO (KZ40007), Modz Sun (Malibu), MYKITA (Iris), Seraphin (Judson Sun), TOMS Eyewear (Aaryn)

WOOW (Super Sonic 2), Salvatore Ferragamo (SF2845S), Maui Jim (Pele’s Hair), Original Penguin (The Sonny), Desert Sunglass (ME21402), Carrera (198S)