Show Mother Earth Some Love in Eco-Friendly Frames

This Monday is Earth Day and we’ve gathered up some of our favorite earth-friendly frames. Guys and gals alike can get behind these on-trend finds that look good and help keep Mother Earth beautiful. Check out our selections of must-have eco-friendly eyewear, below.

ECO Eyewear is celebrating Earth Day by doubling their One Frame – One Tree efforts and planting two trees for every ECO frame sold. And since one day isn’t enough to celebrate our planet, ECO is extending Earth Day into an entire week. Delve into ultra-modern recycled and bio-based specs and sunnies that are the perfect addition to any eyewear wardrobe.


Protectors of the world’s watery wonders, Costa is dedicated to cleaning up ocean pollution, uncovering the secrets of the sea and reducing the use of plastic. As a part of their Kick Plastic initiative, Costa uses bio-resin in all of their plastic sunglasses, including the fashionable options, below, to reduce their carbon footprint.

Costa (Waterwoman), Costa (Tico)

ZEAL Optics
Paving the way for adventurers to come, ZEAL Optics utilizes plant-based materials in all their sunglass frames and lenses to help protect Earth’s natural landscapes. As a part of their Earth Month, they’ve pledged to plant a tree for every pair of sunnies sold so you can look good and feel good.

ZEAL Optics (Boone), ZEAL Optics (Crowley)