Spec-tacular + Shady Frames for Kids: Fall ’17 Children’s Trends

While kiddies are off enjoying the first few weeks of summer vacation, we know busy moms and dads are already starting to compile their back-to-school to-do lists. Something that should never be forgotten is outfitting kiddos’ peepers with stand-out specs and sunnies. Well, the fall 2017 trends for boys and girls have arrived, and we can’t get enough! We think your tykes will be pretty happy with them, too. Bright hues, polished prints, plus sporty and fun silhouettes combine for frames that are perfect for classrooms and playgrounds alike. And as always, don’t forget to schedule an annual eye exam with your local eyecare provider for your little ones – it’s always smart to get their young peepers checked yearly, and learn more about the eyewear and sunwear that’s right for them. Take a peek at what’s trending for youngsters, below.

Girls’ Colors: A collection of vibrant hues including bright pinks, vivacious purples, saturated greens and teals, plus sunshine yellows and cerulean blues

Crocs Eyewear Junior (JR7016), TurboFlex (TK1044), Steve Madden (Twiinkle), Colors in Optics (CJ102), Icon Eyewear (50057), Camelot Kids (Joslyn), Stella McCartney Kids (SK0026O), Sperry Kids (SPHALYARD), Lafont (TIC), GUESS Tween (gu9172), Vera Bradley (Merit), Pepe Jeans (PJ 4031), ONE Polarized by Optic Nerve (Stiltskin), MYKITA FIRST (KOALA), VisualEyes (RUN)

Boys’ Colors: An array of oranges and blues make way for pops of neon greens and fiery reds, while mustard yellows mix with staple blacks and grays

Progear Eyeguard (EG-M 1020), Kilter (K4502), Op (853), Enchroma (Blake), Lafont (ABC), I Heart Eyewear (Milo), Z8 (Y-20), Nike (4679), Modz Kids (Balloon), ONE Polarized by Optic Nerve (Boogie), Retro (R128), Carrera Carrerino (10), VisualEyes (GMAER DRAGON), SuperFlex Kids (SFK-180), Youth Force (YFFLA02)

Girls’ Shapes: Smart rectangles, glamorous cat-eyes, retro-reminiscent rounds, playful heart-shaped silhouettes and sporty wraparound profiles

Kilter (K5005), Clariti Eyewear (S2812), Dessert Sunglass (CH20062), db4k (Groovy), Icon Eyewear (50044), JINS (KRF-17S-027), Float Kids (FLT-KP-253), Vera Bradley (Whitney), Modz Kids (Puzzle), My Little Pony (Caring), OGI Kids (OK333), Kidz London (06903), Youth Force (YFV1C01), Attitudes (ATT15), MYKITA FIRST (DODO)

Boys’ Shapes: Varying mature aviators, easygoing rectangles and squares, cute-as-can-be rounds, familiar Clubmaster-inspired silhouettes and perfectly athletic profiles

Nano Vista (Arcanoid), TurboFlex (EC431), Wills by William Morris London (WILLS85), Just a Shade Smaller (Slam), Lucky Brand Kids (D806), Under Armour Youth (Windup), Icon Eyewear (50041), JINS (Wellington), Original Penguin (The Elliot Jr.), Champion (CU7019), Ray-Ban (Signet Junior), Harley Davidson (HD0130T), Float Kids (FLT-KP-254), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mischief), Carrera Carrerino (21)

Girls’ Details: Candy-colored marble, striped, polka dot and animal prints, plus glamourous stone embellishments and sweet ombré effects

Clariti Eyewear (S7121), Wills by William Morris London (WILLS84), Cliff Weil (Pizzazz), Desert Sunglass (CH20053), Converse Kids (K403), Colors in Optics (CR206), Foster Grant (Stella), db4k (Fashion Plate), I Heart Eyewear (Maisie), kensie girl (Fanning), Dolce & Gabbana (DG 4289), GX by Gwen Stefani (GX806), Marchon NYC (Kayla), Stella McCartney Kids (SK0019S0, SuperFlex Kids (SFK-181)

Boys’ Details: Rainbow-infused color blocking, old-school keyhole bridges, an assortment of tough camo, distressed denim and sleek linear patterns, not to mention flash lenses and understated metal temple accents

Crocs Eyewear Junior (JR6012), Enchroma (Avis), Converse Kids (K302), Desert Sunglass (CH20033), Nano Vista (Fangame), Foster Grant (Finn), Geek Eyewear (Harr Jr), Leader (ProX Sports Goggles), Icon Eyewear (50054), Liberty Sporty (Helmet Spex), Camelot Kids (Skylar), ZooBug (ZB1015), OGI Kids (OK331), Kidz London (73203), GX by Gwen Stefani (GX901)