Sporty Shades for the Athletically Inclined

Staying fit is always in season! Regardless of what sports or activities you enjoy, there’s no better feeling than pushing your body to its limits! So get into the athletic spirit, get your adrenaline pumping and have some fun! But before you sprint into the outdoor arena of your choice, make sure you’ve got some sports-friendly sunnies to protect those peepers! We’ve handpicked plenty of strappin’ shades—for brawny dudes and powerful gals everywhere—that’ll shield your eyes from the elements and keep you looking super cool during your sweat-inducing pursuits! Check ‘em out below, and take your pick—they’re all top contenders in our book!

Under Armour (Sideline), SPY (Discord), PUMA (PU14703P), Wiley X (Saint), Costa Sunglasses (Miss Britt), Maui Jim (Kahoma), Kaenon (Kat-i), Smith Optics (Facet)