Spring ’14: Where Pastels + Brights Collide

The first day of winter may not be until Dec. 21, but my oh my, it is freezing outside guys ‘n’ gals! Let’s face it, the hibernation period has begun—it’s the time of year when wearing the coziest of clothing, staying curled up indoors and munching on comfort food is totally acceptable. But don’t let yourself get (overly) stuck in the so-called cold weather slump! Those in the fashion realm certainly aren’t—after all, they’ve already revealed the must-have hues for spring 2014! So invigorate some color into your frosty life by getting roused over next season’s gorgeous palette! Trust us, you’ll want these pigments on your radar, especially when it comes to fresh spring specs and sunnies!

Taking note from the Pantone Color Institute, the warmer months are all about mixing soft pastels with vivid brights, giving way to a traditional palette with modern twists for utterly colorful equilibrium. Inspired by nature’s new budding life, exciting travels abroad, and pure strength and confidence, spring offers up the perfect blend of muted tones, basic neutrals, citrusy washes and cooler tints.

Women can expect hues influenced by the earth’s natural backdrop—like serene Placid Blue, whimsical Violet Turnip purple and Hemlock, a minty green—to reign supreme. Radiant Orchid, a rich purple with pink undertones, and bold Dazzling Blue, are lovely companions to such pastels, or create confidence when paired with other bold colors. To boot, look-at-me Cayenne red, raging Freesia yellow and fiery Celosia Orange demand attention, injecting powerful energy into the spectrum. And of course, neutrals—such as Sand, a beachy tan tone, and Paloma, a quintessential gray hue that’s confident enough to be worn alone—round out their more commanding counterparts. Without a doubt, men will see an almost identical palette, with a few variations. Comfrey, a deep emerald-like green, puts a masculine spin on Hemlock, while Purple Haze and Magenta Purple are stronger, more full-bodied takes on Violet Turnip and Radiant Orchid, respectively.

Spring 2014 Pantone Colors for Women and Men